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How time flies. I’ve been super busy over the last month (read: watching the World Cup), so I’ve got a whole bunch of links for you if you missed anything. GamesRadar Features 7 games that definitely aren’t for kids… where you play as kids 6 ways Watch Dogs defies logic The most impressive, imposing castles […]

Manic Monday – McPixel – 9:30pm GMT

What would you do if you only had 20 seconds to save the day? Come and find out what I would do on my Twitch channel at the new time of 9:30pm GMT Hope to see you there.

Throwback Thursday – Trackmania 2 – 7pm GMT

This could easily have gone on Wacky Wednesday, but it’s been out long enough now to make it here. Come join me on my Twitch channel at 7pm GMT to see me perform loops in a car and abhor wall rides. Hope to see you there.

Wacky Wednesday – Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 – 7pm GMT

I don’t even own a car, but let’s give this a go. Come join my on my Twitch channel at 7pm GMT to look at these so called ‘engines’ and ‘wheels’. Hope to see you there.

Manic Monday – Titanfall – 7pm GMT

A timely Titanfall beta has sorted out Manic Monday quite nicely. You can’t get much more manic than this, so join me on my Twitch channel at 7pm GMT to watch me stomp around in a giant robot. Hope you see you there.

Free Friday – League of Legends – 7pm GMT

For this week’s Free Friday I’ll be playing a game I’m pretty well versed in: League of Legends. I’ll be taking champion and music requests, so if you want to come and watch me make poor plays on your favourite champion listening to your favourite music, visit┬ámy Twitch channel at 7pm GMT. Hope to see […]

Throwback Thursday – Skyrim – 7pm GMT

Can you believe it’s been over two years since Skyrim came out? Join me on my Twitch channel at 7pm GMT to take a look back at it. Hope to see you there.


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