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How time flies. I’ve been super busy over the last month (read: watching the World Cup), so I’ve got a whole bunch of links for you if you missed anything. GamesRadar Features 7 games that definitely aren’t for kids… where you play as kids 6 ways Watch Dogs defies logic The most impressive, imposing castles […]

Journal Review

It’s got an intriguing story, but not much in the way of gameplay. Read my full review here. Thanks for reading.

Tactical Tuesday – Prison Architect – 7pm GMT

Tactical Tuesday will also include simulation/ management games because I said so. Join me at 7pm GMT on my Twitch channel to see how I treat prisoners. Hope to see you there.

Advanced Tactics Videos

Trying out some video editing, here are three very serious (not really) videos for your enjoyment.

Darkout Review

In terms of space based exploration and building games released recently, this isn’t one of the better ones. Read my full review here. Thanks for reading.

Game of the Year 2013 – Day Three

Today we have two walking simulators that both make you FEEL. One of them has you dreading what’s round every corner, while the other is one of the most heartwarming, and at times heart wrenching, stories you’ll find in video games. See if you can figure out which one is which. Check out the videos […]

Game of the Year 2013 – Day Two

Taking a step away from the big budget games today. We’re back to take a look at Papers, Please and Rogue Legacy. Check out the videos below to hear our thoughts. Thanks for watching.


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