Interview with Brendon Chung – IGF and Game Development

Last month we sent a few questions to Brendon Chung, creator of such indie hits as Atom Zombie Smasher and Thirty Flights of Loving. He also agreed to do a follow up interview with Tom and myself via Skype regarding his recent IGF nomination, and to tell us a bit about what it’s like to […]

Ten Minutes With John Posey III of Products For Robots

So here we are after the holidays continuing our series of interviews with indie developers. Last time we had Brendon Chung, this time we’ve got John Posey of Products for Robots. They’ve got a Kickstarter going on right now, and you can find all the details below. Let’s get on with the questions! What is it […]

Ten Minutes With Brendon Chung

Brendon Chung is an independent games developer and founder of Blendo Games. This August he released the crazy crime game Thirty Flights of Loving, the sequel to his 2008 game Gravity Bone. He kindly sat down with us for ten minutes to chat all about it, and how he got into the games industry. What is it about […]


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