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Let The Games Begin

It’s been a bit quiet round these parts recently, but hey, it was January, not much to talk about.

However, we have reached the end of January, and games are starting to come out again! Time to get out my wallet (metaphorically, I know all my card details) and get back to gaming.

Devil May Cry is currently in my Steam library downloading, slowly. That was going to be a game that I was going to play when I had nothing else to be getting on with, but I noticed it for £15 over at simplygames.com and couldn’t resist. I barely touched any of the previous games, but the new developer has done just enough to grab my attention with the latest release.

Standard night out at the club

As January fades, there are still a couple of games worth mentioning. Omerta: City of Gangsters is out today, and you can read my preview of the game I wrote a while back here. If you’re interested in my actual trip to see the developer Kalypso show off the game, you can read my account of the day here.

Also out today is Antichamber, which I am really excited to play. It’s a first person puzzle game, set in non-Euclidean space. That means that things in the world can change based on your perspective, even if you don’t actually change location. It might be best if you look up video to better explain what it’s like… It’s been making the rounds at trade shows for a good while now, so I’m looking forward to see it finally being released.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Those games will see us through to February, when EA will be releasing two AAA titles. Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 are both games that I’m fairly interested in, but probably won’t snap up right away. I enjoyed Dead Space 2, but haven’t been as impressed by what I’ve seen of the follow up so far. I also enjoyed Crysis 2, but did find it pretty disappointing overall, so will hold off on buying it until it has proved itself, or the price drops.

Hopefully this one stays dead

Scribblenauts Unlimited finally releases on PC in the third week of February, and that’s a game I’ve had pre-ordered for some time, and I don’t usually pre-order stuff. Ever since it released on Nintendo platforms towards the end of last year I’ve been wanting to play it, and soon I will get the chance.

Those are the major ones I wanted to talk about. There are plenty of other things to keep gamers going too, and I’ll do my best to keep you updated on them as they come out.

Thanks for reading.

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