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Gaming in 2013

Hey everyone. I’ve noticed everyone doing recaps of 2012, and well, I got a bit bored of them. I know what happened this year! So I decided to jump into my time machine, which I have, naturally, and see what next year will have in store for us. So here it is, my recap of 2013 for people who have just entered it:

New Consoles


E3 came around, and as everyone expected, Sony and Microsoft announced that they would be bringing new consoles out. Sadly the release of both was delayed til early 2014. In this generation, the consoles will contain components which you can swap out and customize. The shock announcement was that the consoles would be “ever-evolving”! Every six months or so, the lucky consumer will be able to buy new bit to put in, which will improve the performance of the machine! It was labeled “revolutionary” by console gamers. PC gamers looked at each other in confusion, but decided not to mention anything.

Bioshock Infinite

For a small fee you’ll unlock a Big Daddy hat

Bioshock Infinite finally came out after four extra months of delay. When it was released, the reason it had taken so long was revealed. All of the trailers up until that point had been a lie, and secretly, Irrational had been changing it into a free-to-play, multiplayer-only shooter. Having seen the success of the F2P model, there was no doubt in Ken Levine’s mind that the transformation had to be made. “Fooled you!” Ken tweeted, the day after Infinite’s release. After a highly successful opening day of sales, scathing reviews went out and sales plummeted.

Zynga’s Rise To Glory

This time with fewer lawsuits…?

One of the more surprising stories of the year saw Zynga break out of the social/ mobile game market, and into big AAA titles. Their first game, entitled “Ancient Evil”, saw the player take on the role of a normal guy, who just happens to be “The One”, and has to save the world from ancient aliens. The day after release, Crytek, 343 Studios, Ubisoft and Bioware all sent out their own press releases stating “Hey, that’s our idea!”. Since then, the biggest legal battle in history has been raging to find out who actually thought of it first. An end to the proceedings is nowhere in sight at time of writing. Meanwhile people have been playing Ancient Evil, and it’s actually okay.

THQ Returns

T…house…backwards question mark?

Fans rejoiced as THQ was bought out by Ubisoft. Saints Row 4 was released, and for the majority of the game the player took part in the same fun experience of open world mayhem that the series is known for. In the final act of the game however, ancient aliens emerged from underneath Steelport. After donning a specialized suit, you enter your brand new flying machine, The Brittany, and fight them off. Ubisoft was sued by several companies, and these lawsuits have all become part of the larger one mentioned earlier.

They really were twelve months to remember, have a good year everybody!

One comment on “Gaming in 2013

  1. You missed out on the crazy peripheral Nintendo announced for the Wii U! The ability to track players eye and tow movements will surely lead to some truly innovative player experiences. That’s assuming the thing ever comes out.

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