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Let The Games Begin

It’s been a bit quiet round these parts recently, but hey, it was January, not much to talk about. However, we have reached the end of January, and games are starting to come out again! Time to get out my wallet (metaphorically, I know all my card details) and get back to gaming. Devil May […]

Kentucky Route Zero – Act I Review

Check out my review by clicking here. The first Act of this episodic, narrative-driven adventure game gives me the feeling that once it’s complete, Kentucky Route Zero could easily be an early game of the year contender, and I really hope it will be. There’s not much “game” here right now, but that hasn’t stopped […]

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Review

This was a pretty fun action platformer I picked up in the holiday Steam sale. That money sink. Click here for my full review. You play as a dead rabbit called Ash, and he’s the Prince of Hell, of course. Scandalous photos have been taken of him and been posted on the Hell-ternet, so the […]

The Music of Games

Everyone has their own tastes in music. If you look at the nominations for the upcoming Grammy awards, you’ll see a few things you like, a few things you dislike, and you’ll scrunch up your face at the rest and exclaim “really?!”. There’s one particular nomination that stands out though. Under the category ‘Best Score […]

Starcraft II – Heart of the Swarm Preview

Honestly, for a time I forgot that Blizzard was doing two expansions to Starcraft II. It has been two and a half years since that game got released, and we are finally coming up on the first one, Heart of the Swarm. Read my full preview here. During the preview I began to remember how much […]

Interview with Brendon Chung – IGF and Game Development

Last month we sent a few questions to Brendon Chung, creator of such indie hits as Atom Zombie Smasher and Thirty Flights of Loving. He also agreed to do a follow up interview with Tom and myself via Skype regarding his recent IGF nomination, and to tell us a bit about what it’s like to […]

Symphony and Hell Yeah!

Steam sales. They make you buy stuff you would never have considered before, just because it’s so cheap! I bought four games in this year’s holiday sale, and I’ll be reviewing two of them over the coming days. Symphony is one of those games which lets you “play your music”. It scans your hard drive […]


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