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2012 Video Game Awards

You’ve seen what we here at Write Click Play think are the best games of the year. But there are many things that determine a game’s quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best parts of video games this year, that you may not have thought of.

Best Unconventional Mode Of Transport

Far Cry 3 – Hang Glider 

Hope the doctor didn’t mind me stealing this

The first time I saw one was outside of Dr Earnhardt’s mansion, which is where I’m sure a lot of people saw their first. If anyone didn’t run over there as soon as possible and give it a go, you are playing Far Cry 3 wrong. The sense of speed you got was intense, and the ridiculous ways you could use it were numerous. Want to strap some C4 to the wings and then dive bomb an enemy camp? Go for it, you are now playing Far Cry 3 correctly.

SSX – Wing suit

The runner up is the wing suit in SSX because WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! That game was already stupid fun, and then you add in the ability to basically fly? Well played EA.

Best Button Prompt

The Walking Dead – “Scoop Zombie”

One of the classic things to do in a zombie apocalypse is coat yourself in the guts of a fallen person so that the walking dead will think you’re one of them and ignore you. I dunno what it was about using the word “scoop” here that was so vile, yet so wonderfully appropriate. Press X to Scoop Zombie. Ew.

Best Dumbest Moment

Asura’s Wrath – Gongon Wyzen Finger Crush

Let’s be honest, any moment from this game could have been top of the list here. Gongon Wyzen makes himself bigger than the planet, and then attempts to crush you from existence using his mountain sized index finger. Luckily you catch it, get really angry and then punch his finger until it shatters. It just made me laugh, so if you haven’t seen it, check out this video of the fight.

Best Heroic Death

Mass Effect 3 – Mordin Solus

See you around

The Salarians are among my least favourite race in the Mass Effect universe, but that doesn’t mean that Mordin sacrificing himself didn’t pull on my heartstrings a bit. Rest in peace you weird spindly creature.

Multiplayer With Fewest Trolls


The multiplayer experience in Journey is just magical. There are no gameplay mechanics that allow you to be trolled. You can’t be shouted at by an angry teenager because there is no voice chat. You can’t even take offense from their gamertag because you can’t see it. You just jump around and chirp at each other, and feel a pang of regret if they get left behind. Simple. Perfection.

Most Literal Title

Shoot Many Robots

I dunno what you do in this game, but it must be fun.

Orcs Must Die! 2

This comes second, simply because they could have done something more imaginative than slap a 2 on the end.

Biggest “Oh s***” Moment

Spec Ops: The Line – White Phosphorus Mission

What have we done?

When you get that black and white view of mini people run around, you target them and shoot them with big guns. That’s what we have been trained to do in shooters. After you do this mission in Spec Ops: The Line though, you find out that some of the people you killed were civilians. Women and children. Oh s***…

The Walking Dead – Duck

Telltale and the writers of the first season of The Walking Dead went places I didn’t think they would go with the games. The final scene of the series is the only video game moment that has ever brought a tear to my eye, but that’s not what I went for here. The little kid Duck, bitten by a zombie, and taken off into the forest by his mother to be put to rest before he turns. Moments later, you and the father discover that she has killed herself, leaving the suffering child still alive. Do you kill the boy yourself, or do you let his father, the sudden widower do it?

Best Developer That I Wasn’t Impressed With At Gamescom But Then Made Good Games To Prove Me Wrong


I played just about everything that Ubisoft had to offer at Gamescom this year. I played a ship mission in Assassin’s Creed 3… why can’t I play a normal one? I played the Vaas trip mission in Far Cry 3… why is this the same demo from E3, and why does this seem like a bog standard shooter? I played ZombiU… this seems fine but why does this controller feel so bad? It turns out that all of those games, in particular Far Cry 3, were much better than I had experienced back in August. Good on you, Ubisoft.

Most Gruesome Deaths

Hotline Miami

It’s a cool party but there’s no need to lose your head

You wouldn’t think that a game with such primitive graphics would produce the most gory scenes of the year. The deaths are just brutal, and the weapons used to do the killing are varied and wicked.

Sleeping Dogs

For the most part, the hand to hand combat in Sleeping Dogs is good, but fairly standard. Hold on, did you just… oh God… why? Why did you put that guy’s face through a fan? Did you have to drop an entire engine block onto that guy’s chest? Calm down Wei Shen!

Mark of the Ninja

The upgraded terror darts in this game make enemies gun down their friends before popping the barrel of their gun under their chin, closing their eyes and pulling the trigger. You make people kill themselves out of chemically induced terror. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

The Walking Dead

Every single hand-to-hand zombie kill.

Best Character That Starts Off Okay But Gets Old After A While

Borderlands 2 – Claptrap


We get it Gearbox, people think Claptrap is funny.

Max Payne 3 – Max Payne

We get it Rockstar, Max Payne hates himself.

Best Game That I Didn’t Finish

XCOM – Enemy Unknown

It got to the point in XCOM where I had screwed everything up so badly there was just about no point to continue. I didn’t really have any decent saves to revert to, and I didn’t want to start the whole thing over again. That said, the fifteen or so hours I spent with it were some of the best times I had playing games this year.


This seems a shame because, well, Dishonored is a really good game. The way you move around and assassinate people is so fluid, I love the setting, and there is a certain amount of intrigue to the story. Why I didn’t finish it is a puzzler.

Now you know the most important details about the games that have been released this year. Doesn’t that feel better?

Thanks for reading.

One comment on “2012 Video Game Awards

  1. What Steam does might be teaching the cuetmosr, ‘I might not want it in the first month, but if I look at it in four or five months, I’ll get one of those weekend sales and I’ll buy it at that time at 75 per cent off. This is exactly what I’ll do in most cases (with maybe one exception a year), I’ll pirate a game (or if its for console I’ll rent it from gamefly), unless/until the price goes below $30. I do it that way because I think thats what games are worth for the most part. I’ll pay $40-60 for skyrim or the new StarCraft, but those few exceptions aside I don’t tend to play the games I buy often enough to justify throwing down that much for just a single play through. These days you never really know if a game will have much replay value either (see:Deus Ex HR: which i pirated on launch. I liked a little bit, so i just recent spent the $15 on steam to get it with the missing link addon, even though i’ll probably never play them again. Duke Nukem Forever, and RAGE are some other good examples of why i won’t pay more then that for a game i’ve yet to try) . But I don’t think that i have this attitude because of the steam sales, If it wheren’t for steam sales (or the sales on PSN and PS+ discounts), I’d probably just not buy most of the games i play at all. These kinds of sales are the only way to make pirates like me into legitimate cuetmosrs. I’ve been pirating games since they came by mail order, but if a game is under $20 and comes with cloud saving features like on steam and PSN, its actually way more convenient for me to just pay for it (the cloud storage option is great since I tend to uninstall games for months at a time then suddenly have an urge to resume playing them). a0|a0

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