Game of the Year 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of year! That’s right, the Write Click Play Game of the Year 2012 has been decided, and we even recorded a podcast to let you hear the deliberations. Have a listen to the discussion between myself, Craig, Tom and Tyas, and then check below for the winners. You will also find a list of all the games we talked about on the podcast underneath the top three.

Leave a comment below if you agree with us, or if you want to tell us how stupid we have been.

Here are this year’s best games!

3rd Place – Journey

Few words can describe this game’s beauty

Not a single line of dialogue is spoken in this masterpiece from thatgamecompany, yet it still tells a greater story than most other games this year. Combine that with stunning visuals, enrapturing music and simple mechanics, and you have a game that is an absolute joy to play. The only shame is that it is limited to PS3 users – sorry PC and 360 fans, you’ll have to find your beauty elsewhere.

Check out Matt’s review of Journey here.

2nd Place – Hotline Miami

Do you like hurting other people?

Visceral combat. Got to get that video game journalism cliché out of the way first. This fast paced gore-fest from Dennaton games is so high on the list because of it’s superbly addictive gameplay, phenomenal soundtrack and a story which at least gets you thinking about your actions.

Check out Matt’s review of Hotline Miami here.

1st Place – The Walking Dead

For Clementine

In terms of storytelling in games, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is unmatched. You become Lee, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, whose only goal is to try and help the little girl Clementine to safety, and hopefully find her parents. Along the way you will encounter friends, enemies and zombies, and you are faced with moral dilemmas at every turn. If you can only play one game from 2012, make it this one.

Check out Craig’s review of The Walking Dead here.

There are some comments to be made about this year’s winners as a whole. First, you’ll notice that none of the top three are full price retail games. There is something to be said about the way the games industry is trending towards the downloadable title. Services such as Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight are making it even easier for indie developers to get their game out to people, and that makes the future quite exciting. Secondly, each of the top three tells you a story in a way that we have not been used to from video games in the past. Interestingly, they all tell their story in different ways as well. Journey tells it simply by allowing you to explore, there is no spoken word. Hotline Miami tells the story through text, but it is veiled in vagueness and allegory. The Walking Dead is very direct, but lets you shape the path of your own destiny by giving you countless choices.

If 2012 is the shape of things to come in the video game industry, I’m definitely looking forward to whatever the future holds.

Runners Up

Here is the list of other games that were in contention for this year’s prestigious title of Game of the Year:

Mass Effect 3, Planetside 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3, Pokemon Black 2, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, Assassin’s Creed 3, Hitman Absolution, Faster Than Light, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja.

All great games in their own right, and were only narrowly behind the top three. Each of them is definitely worth a look.

Thanks for reading/ listening everyone. Have a very happy holiday season!

3 comments on “Game of the Year 2012

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