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Gaming PCs

The amount of my stuff that is simply breaking lately is getting beyond funny now. About a month ago, my rather nice desk chair decided to pop out three screws while I was sitting on it, and the back came off. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to lose weight. I screwed them back in, […]

Miasmata Review – Coming Soon

This whole Steam Greenlight thing is really kicking off. It seems like every few days there’s a new release from some indie developers. Miasmata is a first person survival game made by just two brothers, Joe and Bob Johnson. They created everything, from the graphics to the game engine itself… that’s about as indie as […]

Planetside 2 – A live-action report from the front lines

I’m attacking a bio-dome base in Planetside 2. It consists of a huge tower with big struts bolting it into the ground and a biodome perched on top. The dome is huge blue semisphere that form a shield-barrier against potential attackers. There are two or three entrances to this dome, high above the ground, which can be […]

Games Or Movies?

Games Or Movies?

“The most cinematic game ever!” “A cinematic experience!” “It’s just like a movie!” These are just a few of the phrases I found when reading up about some of my favourite games. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and L.A. Noire. In fact, Comic Book Movie went as far as […]

Chillstep Super Mario 64

It’s all in the title really. Here for your listening pleasure is a chillstep version of the track “Dire Dire Docks” from Super Mario 64, remixed by Keebs. “But Craig, what is chillstep?” I hear you ask. It’s a more melodic version of dubstep that focuses on being extremely chill. EXTREMELY chill. He’s got a bit […]

Autumn Steam Sale Update – November 26th

The bargains just won’t stop – so here on the last day of the steam autumn sales are the things that you really should pick up, before it’s too late. Dishonored Dishonored sees you play as the bodyguard who becomes a magical assassin after the queen he has sworn to protect is killed, and you’re framed […]

Screen Watch Goes Live

We are proud to announce the release of our sister site, Screen Watch. From the most obscure indie films to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, from Homeland to Family Guy, we’ll be discussing everything cinema and TV-related. There will be regular news updates, reviews and features from Tom, Craig, Tyas and Matt. If you want to […]


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