Dota 2 Invites

Quick post:

I’ve got two invites to the Dota 2 beta sitting in my Steam inventory. If you’re friends with me on Steam and want one, give me a shout and I’ll trade one to you!

I won’t be playing with you, because I’ll just be playing League of Legends instead… sorry. Speaking of which I played some LoL last night against Deman, one of the main casters for the professional circuit. We also managed to win one game out of two, so that was pretty cool.

In other news I went to see Omerta: City of Gangsters today. I’ll be telling you more about that tomorrow though – I’m writing the preview at the moment.

Also I’m playing King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North for a review. Busy busy!

See ya.

2 comments on “Dota 2 Invites

  1. Meh. I prefer LoL just because more people play it

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